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Durham Autohaus Dash Camera Systems

Front & Rear HD Recording

Up to 270º of surveillance coverage in crystal clear high-definition (up to 1080p).

Continuous Monitoring

Whether you are on the road or parked, your dash cam is always watching.

Motion & Impact Sensors

Dash Cam’s starts recording before and after something happens around your vehicle.

You never know what can happen on the road.

Accidents and near-misses can happen so fast, that you won’t have time to hit RECORD. Thankfully, there’s Dash Cam. Dash Cam’s records everything that happens at the front and rear of your vehicle, all in crystal clear high-definition.

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Keep an extra eye on your ride.

Our dash cam systems all include front and rear cameras to provide up to 270º of surveillance coverage for your vehicle. When you’re on the road, your dash cam uses looping technology to constantly record activity and overwrite older footage. If your dash cam detects impact, it will store footage from the incident in a separate folder so that it will not be overwritten. Your dash cam has your back even when your vehicle is parked. Dash cams have built-in motion and impact sensors to start recording before and after something happens around your vehicle.

24 / 7 Safety Feature

You can rest assure knowing your vehicle is always protected. Even if something bad happens, your dash cam is there with 24hr surveilence

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